A quotation in front of the reception book  “Just when the caterpillar think the world is over, it is become a butterfly!”

Very right.  Indeed to my case.  When I thought that my money will never be return and I just released all the feeling behind it, I got this special text message.  Said that some of the amount had transferred to our account.

Strange, that I am not jump on happiness… 😛

I want to thank God for releasing all negative feeling from myself and enable me to not thinking about it painfully.  And when I have peace within me,  it is returned.  Only to makes me nod to the very awesome most the creator.  King Salomon might advised that there is a good time for everything.  I experience a best time with God himself. 

As I looked back to my past, I recognised His footsteps when He carried me.  Couldn’t ask for more now.  Praise is indeed.


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