Wisdom of the Path

My journey is everyday walking around.  Everyday.  As I remember, only one day I spend on the bus through the road.  And only one day I spent sit on the church all day.  Other than that, at least six hours a day I spent walking around.

I went to the sea.  Feel the water, the wind and the wave.  Took a ship or a boat.   I went to the mountain.  Trail around it slopes.  Feel the wind, the sounds of the birds and the green nature on my eyes.  I challenge the height.  I am afraid of height, but I challenge myself by climb up the top if some towers, took the cable cars and climb to the very far top of the mount temples.  I went to different historical sites, just to feel the old town and know the majestic works of the people before me. 

I know the path brought kind of different wisdom to me. 

Today, I got an sms message from a man that owe me the money.  He said, he send the money back to my husband’s account.  Well, as part of the wisdom, I understand something new.  Just after I release it from my head and think not to ask the money back, it t is returned.  When it is returned I don’t feel happy nor sad.  To understand that though it is being returned doesn’t mean that my heart is renew as well and the relationship cured.  Sigh.  Yet, as I commited before, I have the willingness to fix it.

I quote Buddha wisdom today: In this world hatred is never overcome by hatred, only tolerance can prevail over hatred.


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