Keep Going

I figure myself to come back to the office.  My first day should be happy of holiday excitement and new year resolution.  I step to 3rd floor lightly.  As I enter the door, the cold morning air-con chill wrap me but I am so ready to say: Happy New Year!

The lady on the reception might cheers with happiness. The other ladies  might just coldly smile un-naturally while mumbling a greeting back.  Then I felt my spirit down to zero, again.  They were all not interested, and will not interested.  Sigh.

Do you ever think that it is a situation I can mend? I still think I will not able to do anything to it.  As long as they live and as I live, the situation will be the same.  No matter how cheers I am there, or how nice I treat them, I know they will be the same.

I know there are a lot of self-help book that will say the situation is to be change, start by me.  I’ve been there for this last of two years.  I admit of my ignorance that made the situation worse, still I know there are things that I can not change in this small world.

The only thing I could do is just hang on and keep going until a miracle happen…. maybe.  To keep myself happy and completely autistic to just ignore their underestimating attitude to me.

Chance and miracle?


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