Change Numbers

Twelve years ago, in 1995, I remember how proud I was to own my first mobile phone.  The price was 800thousand rupiahs, kind of medium size with sliding flip, knows as the banana. There were only two big brands or cell-phone.  Screen of the phone was still black and white, and we did not have a short message service.  To buy a number from three big providers at that time, we have to register our name, address etc, submit a copy of our ID cards and wait at least three days to activate the card.

Now, 2008, there are … hmm.. of course more than two brands available. Various sizes, features, prices are on the market. Though the black and white screen are still available, most people choose the colour (of course!).  Most are with camera, mp3 players and bluetooth features. You can choose to send SMS or MMS…just text or with picture.  We could buy any cards, any providers, anytime, as it will be activated right away as we install it to our handset.

I remember when I was in high school.  Many times, after school, I liked to go to my friend’s house.  We had reasons: birthday party, study together, worked on projects etc.  My mom always remind me to call her if I would like to go to some other place after school. I did it sometimes… but forget many times.  Found a public phone was not easy, not now or then.  I was not always have coins, and not willingly to get some. 😀  My mom many times waiting in front of our house, worry because I hadn’t got home yet.  Well, I can understand her feeling, yet, I would repeated to did so. 

Now, I should not worry of unable to track where my son is.  He brings a mobile phone. If he doesn’t call, I will call.  Sometimes then, I found his phone is not active, and he reasoned that he forget to re-charge the battery.  Well then, if I make sure the battery is on, I will be able to reach him anytime.

I expect that everybody is like that.  With battery on, we should be able to reach them whenever and whereverer. 

Unfortunately, now, they have another reasons. I call them change-numbers.  Their numbers keep changing from time to time.  I had saved the misis A, misis B, misis C, misis D in my phonecard, but it is still growing. They called me with a different number each time.  When I need them, I might call all numbers but unable to reach them.  😦  Why they keep change their numbers?

Reason one, their cards was unloaded and discontinued.  So, they need to change their card and their numbers. 

Reason two, they are run from something. They might run from some people they know, from a stalker, from an annyoing marketer, from debt-collectors, or from family, from promises, from obligations, from sin (can they?)…

I am now very unhappy for those reason two categories.  Two people who owe me money run from me.  They unable to contact, change numbers time to time ~~sometimes I was able to track the new number from their family~~ They might run from me, or from other debitor if they have one…I just regretfully realize that good technology is not only use for a good thing, but also bad things…

Hopefully, not a very good things they will missed…


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