We laughed as we talk.  It started with a strange say: “Tuh tuh…si dede nempel si jengkol terus kasian kan si noteng?” ~~translate: see..seee…dede ticks with jengkol what a pity with noteng~~

I know all people in my friend’s office, but I hardly guess who those people. ~~I know they are talking about people, but quite impossible that some people have those unusual names, rite?~~  Then my friends explained to me.  They are about matchmaking two people in their office, but unfortunately another girl in on the way.  When observing, talking ~~and gossiping~~ they use code for names. So, anybody who might listening won’t know what exactly they were talking about.

I remember when I was in high school.  Some of my friends have crushed with some boys.  When that particular boy around or passed by, we will secretly code each other ~~hey hey see trooper! (gee…a car?), look that is frogdeer! (this my friend Fifi creatively play with words), ssttt….tiwing! (I hardly remember how this name happened)~~ In our conversation, we used those names. We choose a really different name of their given name to avoid a chance that anybody might guess. We shared information and laughed together on some funny names that some other friends who doesn’t know anything will shake their head in confuse.

We also use kind code name for people that we don’t like.  Like Luddo Lappart — an evil character in local comic or Bratarat — a bat evil character to code two boys we don’t like of their proud behavior.  Sometimes we use name of food, si bakso — meatball, tumbila –bugs or others.

Some code names then continued to be a nick names.  One of my friend ~~with crush usual~~ call a boy Kero ~~blame the Kero Kero Pi…a imaginative popular figure~~  Then, they then saw each other.  She told her boyfriend that she code him as Kero.  She continued calling him Kero.  Then all of us called him Kero. 

That’s remind me to what happened in the mailing list of my HS.  A popular say is: kumaha mimitina.  ~~translate: how it is begun?~~  Almost everyone there called by a different name from their given name.  Some names are nice enough. Say popular girl othenk for Okta, chippy for Silvy.  But, some names are really funny like Lutung for Budi.  When did they got that names? And why they called with that names? Supi aka Arief got his nicknames because his classmates thought that he looks alike with Bik Supi, a character in a popular drama in TV.

And Jengkol? Does he looks like jengkol or smell like jengkol? ~~see:

But, hopefully Jengkol will never know his code name or my friends and her gang will have to change it!


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