When I heard my friend say it, I felt a great anger. 

My best friend said that her colleague asked her about me, whether I have this relative relationship with someone that she knew.  Why she wants to know? Because that-someone-she-knew told her a negative stories about me.

Angry. After all these time and all these things that I done, they just always thought that I am not a good person enough.  I hate the facts that I had tried hard to please them.  I hate to admit that I was keeping a thought that they are kind of a good friend I could trust ever. 

They might call themselves my relative. One good side of being in this patriarchal system is everybody that you met might be your relative. There is always a way to make two people connected. But, somehow I think that is a bad things when it is come to biased view and subjective assessment.  When calling themselves my relative, they are thinking about a supreme power to overruled me in my freedom of mind. They critisize me in everything I did, never anything goes well. They never trust me in even a simple things. They called me names.

Worst to all, they open their mouth to talk and complaint about me to other people around.

So, for today and forward, I decided to disconnect myself from those relative things.

A relative should be better than just a friend.  I met some friends, without any blood connection, who are trustful in my life. They are better than a relative.


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