She wants to analyze what she felt.  She wants to make sure that she is not falling in love (again).  Each time she met or saw the particular guy, she felt kind of un-natural excitement.  Eventually, for about some months she did try to find a reason to speak to him.  A good looking, polite and looks nice.  When she first met him, she thought the he might interested to her.  He did try to make an effort to approach her.  He smiled at her.  He was following her nature in appearance.  Sometimes, she caught him look at her. But, there were no further movements.  To her observation, this particular guy is shy. Maybe that’s why.

Nature law then ruled one day when she had to talk to him due to a particular business. He was very nice. Was too very nice, in fact.  They were having good times talking then.  A very good times when she could identify the overwhelming body language that showed interest, jokes, gestures, smiles and words.  To analyze that she has to meet a girlfriend. Usually, girlfriends like to share of their love life, analyze the behavior of their lovers, and spend hours to talk and talk and talk of the same subject.

Fact, she doesn’t have any girlfriend anymore.  When life change, her girlfriend meet their love, enggaged in marriage, left her alone. Real alone.  Tried to gather with old friends one time, but she felt isolated. When others talked of price of milk or new children playground in town. 

I talked with her.


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