Do I?

Accidental Husband.  Uma Thurman plays Emma, a love counselor and a writer used to give advise to her listener/caller in her radio program.  She is about to marry her fiancee Richard.  But, her heart being deviant in past few days by a man named Patrick.  Richard is a predictable guy, when Patrick is bit spontaneous. One day, in a restaurant, Richard showed Emma their wedding ring.  Emma yelled: “Well, this is wrong, it supposed to say I do, I do…..not do I, do I” refer to what written in the ring.  Richard examined the ring, and it read: I do, I do.

Life may offer the right thing, but my feeling is resistant because I dream of something else. Instead of read it right as I do, I read it as Do I?  When life is steady and predictable, any spontaneous thing is as tempting as sin.  Then, other than grateful, I suffer sorrow of not being able to achieve what I want.


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