Find The Past

I always want to do things slowly. Now I think, I am well adjusted to that new me. See, the high school reunion was over three weeks ago, and I just write it down here, now. ~~what an excuse~~

Other than mobile phone, for me, Facebook and Friendster are great invention. Some of my Friendster friend are they from 35 years ago. One day, I spent my whole day to browse around the Friendster to find my old friends.  When I get to Arlene, I took about 20 minutes to ensure myself, by observing her picture that she is the same Arlene that I don’t meet for 20 years. So, I send her a message, and counting…will she remember me, will she not? What a relief when she replied back.  After that, I encourage myself to greet some other people that I thought was my friend.  Everytime I got a reply, I felt so alive! My day goes brighter than usual. What a good effect. 😀 And that experience raises my self confidence to attend the reunion.

Talk about the reunion.  I was unable to attend the morning session, so I prepare myself for the evening one. Announcement in the mailing list, said that the reunion in Kartipah will start on 4pm.  So, I arrived on 4pm just to found the venue is still empty.  Hhmph…why I forget the jam karet matter?  Well, I saw some faces that I recognize from the mailing list albums, rehearse their songs but I don’t dare to say Hi, because I think we are actually not known each other.  I just took sometime to walk around the guest house.  A friend text me about the blood specimens that afternoon and those business keep me busy for a while.  While I walk around, someone call me: “Hey, Annie.  Kamu Annie kan?”  I greet and kiss her, while my most fear happened; I was not able to recall who that nice friend was!  No, my most fear were that none will remember me, but then I was the one who did the sin. Blame my poor memory! ~~Later, after some conversation, I realize that she is Maria, so sorry Mar, don’t intend to forget you, you are just much more prettier and mature than I can remember :)~~

The bloody blood specimen’s things were still keep me busy with my mobile for a while, before I realized that some more people were coming.  One friend comes out following with other and some others.  I started to greet some, and then some more and the more.  As the evening come, the boundary between those friends that I-knew-before and that I-just-meet diffused.  I totally forget about anything else, and dissolve into the ambiance.  Strong nostalgic feel of the past shakes my so comfort zone of being me now.  I feel like I want to go back to the time when I was 17, when I somehow blind of the bitterness of life’s reality.  Waves of longing and yearning pierced in my emotions to the level that I can not handle anymore and I have to let myself drifted away….

I met Ei aka Cherry, my desk mate when we were a first grader in the high school.  Many years ago, she was cute.  Now, she is cute.  There are things that are not change during these years. Nippy was a soft-speaking girl with hair braids, now she is a harajuku-style lady.  J  Weny that I remember is exactly the same with Weny that I met that night, an independent and brave one.  Gilang was funny 18 years ago, but now, with a mustache he looks so old.  ~~I would recommend him to cut that mustache, hope he could get a younger look, indeed~~  Indri, is as pretty as then, with more hidden energy.  Othenk that I always knew as Okta, is definitely different, at least for me.  I knew her as a quiet and observing girl, now she is hip.  Okky nothing seem to change.  Mimil, not change.  Reni, not change.  Juke, let go her eyeglasses and get a business woman look.  Mutia, was well known as the naïve pal in our class, now she keep only the naïve look, not personality.  Nisfie, everlasting chatty and singing mode.  Inay, her charms sweep away my memory of a boyish girl.  Heru, that I remember was bit clumsy now is very friendly. Heny, that I never had guts to talk to her when high school ~~she was..mmm…keereen abis~ is actually very very nice. Say some of other name…hmm…Dhani, Thomas, Darwin, Emil, Aldi that grow much, in size.  Resti, a next door girl I remember of her strength in physical education now is so friendly.  Ade, was my desk mate in the biology lab, sit in the front very close to the killer teacher, now advance in make-up application.  


Okay, stop,  I won’t be able to list everybody here…

😦 There are four people I particularly want to meet.  Anggi, Angel, Lilis and Elka.  They were not there. ~~Gosh, Elka came to the morning session, I missed the chance.  Praise God, I was able to contact Anggi & Angel after the reunion by a friend’s kindness.  The whole of this reunion is by friends’ kindness.  A bunch of people with kindness, spirit and energy was working hard beyond what was in that night.  

The reunion was in good timing for me.  Linked me back with my past that I somehow think I don’t have anymore. I want to post a photo here…mmm…which one? Okay, goes a common one.







2 thoughts on “Find The Past

  1. anie…
    kata siapa dulu gw pendiem yah…
    tapi ngga apa2 lah..(asal phatser ngga pada denger aja…bisa2 protes keras.)

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