As Played in Indonesian Sinetron

My sister, Lorit, pull one of the paving block and throw it to the sands in the outer part of the ground.  I asked her to stop it and let the worker do that. She ignored me and keep throwing more blocks and more, until then some of the workers move.  When the workers then retrieve the paving blocks, Lorit goes inside the house and start pull everything and throw it to the yard.  Papers, some mugs, plate, glass, bed, chairs fly and land unorderly in the yard. I understand that she is mad. As I felt the same.

As the mess become more and more, I spoke to some neighbours, including the head of RT/RW about what is happening. This is the same house where I grow up, but I was not able to recognize it anymore. Garbage is everywhere, unused moldy woods, corrosive chairs, remains of plates and glasses, thick dust on the floor, and unnecessary partition put in wrong place make me lost the nostalgy.  Four years ago, after my father passed away, my mom rent out the house to this particular tenant, Jones.  Since that time, I hear sometimes my mom complains that this tenant give different reason for delay in paying the rental fee.  Once he admit of been cheated by his friend, other time he got in trouble with the bank, then he prepared for marriage, which resulted in no pay at all since the beginning of the year. Then my mom decided to give a three months notice for them to get a new place.

The three months ended yesterday.  As we arrived at 8 am in the morning, no sign of Jones presence.  He was unnaturally missing.  His handphone active but wasn’t pick up. There are four people who said they are his employee, but these four people has no effort on call or to located their boss.  As the 12apm on the dateline came, we found that an arrogant man has bought all the paving blocks. That is why it some workers pull it. (Takes sometimes to dig this information from him.  In the beginning, he gave us a lowering look, like he thought we are cheap women he could play on.  After I talk with a cold tone, he started to know his position and start yells at us unpolitely as we asked). 

Another lady came then, and took all the furniture.  Good that she is cooperative and able to give us a piece of precious information that she and Jones met just few hour before.  (Make us sure that this man is run from his responsibility).

And for the four employee, they just sat in the house do nothing, nor make any effort for their boss to be presence, not to reply any of our question, and make my sister so angry and draw their things out from the house.  One of the employee, a young lady named Dewi, slaps my sister.  I can understand that she might frustated of her future, but, I can not help her because she was not a help on the situation anyhow.  I just warned her of not using any of her hand or tools on making further damaged. (As I know my sister, she might surely would slaps back).

I learned that Jones has rent out some space to other lessee for a price of 13 mill per year.  It was only two small room, in joint size of 50 meter square.  This lessee don’t have any clue that they had to move that very day. And, Jones has to return their rental fee for another 10months or some.  They don’t know where to go, and they yell to my sister because she started to lock the doors.  The neighbours and I sit in the front of the house, exhange our story when we were not meet, when I heard the harsh sound.  For anybody who knows me well, they will know that I really hate to be challenged this way.  I have to pull all of my short patience to speak to the man, that at the end of the conversation then thank me and smile a lot to say his gratefulness of giving him another week to get a new place.

All that I want on that situation is to have Jones presence there. Let us do what he supposed to do is the most coward action from a man. We tried to call a relative who introduce him to us, and unfortunately, he was unable to contact. I think, that because he knew there is a problem and he ~as coward as Jones~~ don’t want to face it.  I listen to what neighbours said about this Jones, and some people said same things. He might be have a problem with money, proven by police officer once came to caught him, and followed with series of other situation. For me, it is clear, that he was and is not a good person.

Yesterday was a bitter day gloom with dissapointments and dust.  An experience that I don’t want to have more in my life.

Why I post this story here?

A documentation maybe. Should those indonesian tv series aka sinetron producer need a story.


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