Most Important Person

Who is the most important person in this my office?

In this path of life, I met some particular people who think they are important. Yes, they are in the position of director, manager, secretary to director and/or manager, they are important indeed.  But, the position doesn’t secure their feeling of authority and power.  Of their sensitivity to always put in honor both physically and mentally, they sink their claws to other people, who has no power to defense or to people like me, who naturally has a rebel blood flowing my vein. I:)

A friend forward me an email about Charles Schulz philosopy. I don’t know whether this true from Schulz or not, yet it has a good thought in it.  The message asked: to name 5 Pulitzer winners, 5 Nobel winners, 5 winners of miss universe, 5 wealthiest person in the world and so.  Well, I can not go far than 2 names.  Apparently, most people failed on the task.  They just not able to recall what in the yesterday headlines. Pulitzer and Nobel are certainly a prove of best achievement, they are important people. But, not so many people will remember it more than few days or weeks. 

What will happened if we asked about our teacher at school, a person who help us during tough time, a neighbour who bake cookies for us? We will easily tell a name.  We will still remember these people in years, and that make these people important. At least to us.

Being important is not about position.  Not about contribution, not about achievement. It is simply because we care of others. When they know it, they will remember us as an important person.

Back to the question. Who is the most important person in my office? My boss, the director, hm…of course.  😀  But, you know what? I can live without him, certainly.  And eventually happier if he is away to enjoy some longer lunch time and play computer game, pssst…don’t tell him :3  Today, as I think, the most important person in this office is Ibu Mar. The was custodian aka office girl. She retired last June, and none replace her. For me, she was the one who put a fresh water in a cleaned water-jug, together with a clean glass every morning in my table.  If the cleaning people failed to retrieve the jug from the day before, she will take care of it.  She was really helpful and big help to us.

After she left, I felt this lost. Every morning when I came to the office and see the same jug and water that I left from the day before, I remember Ibu Mar.  She is my most important person. She never send us emails for blood drive volunteer or for tobacco prohibition. But Ibu Mar is no less important for me that the important person who send those emails.  No, Ibu Mar is more important.  I can live without those angelhood emails, or without a very organized regulations on the toilet and so, but it is difficult to have an office-life without Ibu Mar.


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