Independence (day)

Today, the office will celebrate the independence day.  Of Indonesia.  The same old matter will take place this afternoon.  Flag, ranks, anthem etc, following with some bakiak or sack race.

I personally happy I don’t have to attend it for the sake of my special working hour 🙂  Stand in ranks for a flag bear ceremony somehow is not my best interpretation of independence ~~I even feel oppressed by the dry announcement of the HR manager, seem like she is a tyrrant to order the slaves! haha don’t get bored of my repeated complaint on them~~

For a person with a complicated personality and a nature to violate any regulation ~~oops~~~ it is bit strange for many people ~~and for me~~ that when I was in high school I was interested and actively participating in the flag bearer group.  There are regulation and regulations to follow and all about discipline and uniformity. 

Sigh. Then I was completely has nothing to object about. Independence day is kind of same day of other days to enjoy. Now, independence day become another additional burden to me. From my office, I could see the birds hop on the branches of a tree. People say: be free as a bird.  The birds don’t need to celebrate independence day indeed, they always free. It is me who need to celebrate ~~particularly when I will be free from this office tyrrant domination.


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