On my way to the office, I passed a food outlet. They sell soto ~~kind of soup~~ from East Java.  The banner in front of the outlet said: Free meal for pregnant mother.

I know they have a good intention.  But, I have a question here (same question is to respond the signs in the bus: Prioritize pregnant women, children and elder citizen): How do you know when a woman is pregnant?

Observe their tummy?  Okey. But, how about the fact that, on average of first trimester the baby many times are not bigger than a mobile phone. Means, there will be no significant change in the woman’s belly.  For a first pregnancy, many times the changes could only be observed at the second trimester.  To my experience, until my sixth months, my belly only changed a bit say not bigger than the size of a belly of someone who eat too much. 

The first trimester of the pregnancy is mostly the difficult one. Then when most women experience morning sickness, fatique, nausea, lost of appetite and much other symptomps. First trimester also an important phase to the baby, when she/he grows not in size but in brain and shape. Talking about nutrition, a free soto is more important for the first trimester pregnant woman than the 32-weeks one. Same with the seat priority. A first trimester pregnant woman need it as much as the 32-weeks.


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