One morning, as I drive my small car to work, I was so disturbed by the behavior of the angkot.  Angkot=angkutan kota=city public transport.  A small van serve a particular route around the city.  In the morning as everybody drive to work, the crowd were thick and the queue was long.  The angkot doesn’t care of the traffic jam. The driver just speed the car at the right side of the road.  If there would be a car come from that opposite direction, they will honk to the car-queue to give them a way.  Many times they got a way by that pushy act.  Some other angkot that has no guts  to face an opposite direction cars, would steal a small track on left side of the road. These angkot will push the other car that already driven well to move more to the right side. It is not easy situation for those private cars, like mine.  I hate to see any left-sider while also disturbed by the right-sider.  Additional headache cause, the motorcycle will steal a bit of the not-so-much-left space on the road to insert their ride and block the movement of others. Most suffer in that situation is me. And other polite drivers 😦  Police officers are on the corner, but they won’t help at all.  They just let the angkot and the motocycle use the road as they wish. But, when any of us aka the private polite car might done something unregular, they are very ready with their tickets.  If the angkot are drove in front of me, I had to be ready at anytime to hit the brake.  They could be stop at any point, in the middle of the road, to let their passenger down. They won’t care to turn the lighting or anything as sign. They basically don’t care of any road signs.

Another morning, I was so tired to drive myself to the office. So, I choose to take the Angkot. Take angkot means I had to change the route three or four times. I also has to be patience if the driver stop at any point on the road, every five minutes, to ask the passer-by whether they want a ride. Sometimes, the angkos had already passed a person, then the driver run the car back to the person just to get a rejection.  But, the driver never learn any lesson. They kept on doing that.  But, there is one benefit of using angkot in the morning.  They will speeding through the right side of the road, leave any queue and reach the destination much faster than the private cars. Many times when I know I don’t have much time, I will take an angkot ride.

It is true that in everything there are two side of views.


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