A Stupid or A Devoted?

This is a story of the maid works in my house. I learnt that she was not too smart. For example: one morning I asked her to brush the bathroom floors. When I get back from the office, I found that the bathroom floor as somewhat not ‘seriously’ brushed. I still see stains. The next morning, I call her and point to the stains on the floor.  There are some, in a spread location.  I happened to point to one, just for example.  When I get back from office, then I saw the particular stain are clear but the others were remain in the same place.

Same things with other things around the house. I have to repeat the same instruction almost everytime I met her. I also had to learn to make my expectation lower and lower each time.

But, not until I spoke to my husband of my complaints, I got a smart feedback.  The maid has a husband and one grade-1 boy.  She said her husband is not working. Hm…I know what she means is, that she is the only breadwinner for her house. Her husband simply unemployee, not in some business and burden all the house expenses on his wife. Many of people around this neighbourhood are like that. 

I know everytime the maid stay late, she will also take her son from school and bring it to my house. That is okey. I don’t mind of all meals, soap or anything they might use around the house.  A mother should responsible for care and educate the child.  That is something good for me.

One day, my husband asked the maid to stay late, and she reply with: “Sorry Sir, I can not.” My husband ask why and get a surprising reply ~~at least it is surprising him and me~~ :”Well, Sir, I have to cook for my husband!” My husband can not say any more word but then ask her to go home for cooking and go back to my house right after that.  For anything in the world, my simple question is: can’t the husband just take care of myself? Why he has to burden her beloved and devoted wife, who appears so dedicated to makes him happy, just for simple thing like cook?

My husband commented: That is the reason why many man are looking for a dumb wife!


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