Once again, I met some classmates from High School.  We talked about the coming reunion, and catch up of what happened during the 18years when we not meet.  It happen that I don’t remember all of our classmates.  I am not the only one then, one of my friends happened to forget just the other friend that sit with us. Speaking of being old…

One conversation is about one of our teacher.  Everybody in the table laughed because they remember how funny the scene was.  I don’t remember.  So I asked.  My friend said: You were not there, you never study geography, because you never in to school every saturday! Then they laughed again.  I did so.  I amazed that they still remember that I would never be in school on saturday.  One of my other friend remember how the physical education teacher make a hard time for me of that no-saturday things.  I still not able to forget that particular teacher.  She scolded anyone who appears to unable to meet her standards. Gee…wish I could forget her…

I am looking forward for the reunion.  I want to meet my old friends.  It is sometimes amazed me that there are many of my classmates became a medical doctor.  After 18 years, I want to know if they still remember me as I remember them.

Well, talking about reunion.  This is the second I had in past 5 years.  I did attend ~~and part of the committee~~ of the Alumny Home Coming in the university, 3 years ago.  As part of the committee, I know well the struggle to gather the people.  It was about 200 members of the class of 1995, in 3 categories. An excited to participate, a somewhat wants to participate and a not willing to be found.

I learned that after 10 years after the graduation day, some of my classmates are not as lucky as the others.  When some is on their step to the top management level, some are on their step to start new career.  When some is settled in one company for years, some are about to send their CV to different companies for a better offer. What worse is, some of them has no job at all.  They are unwilling to be found.

~~You know, different people has different point of view.  Know that there will be a reunion, some of my no-job friends excitedly come to the gathering.  Simply, they want to meet a chance to get a job.  Indeed, they got one. But, some others, with the inferior feeling, avoid all. I know they are in their same place as three years ago when we contacted them.~~

Some said that they are not ready for the reunion, because they don’t have any possession to show.  I have no idea why they have that thought.  They wants to come to the reunion, if they have new cars or got a management position in their offices.  They blamed the occassion as a show-off time.  I can tell, it might happen in some other world, but simply not where I am in.  They somewhat want to participate, just to check on other people of their achievements.

Some said they are busy.  Well, I would never too busy for one-time occassion. Though every years there will be a Alumny Home Coming, it would only once for the class of 95.

I hope this high-school reunion won’t be a show off.  Well, it might be, but I have nothing to afraid of. I am not going to show anything indeed, simply because  I don’t have anything to be proud of.  But I regret of those unexcited or not-willing-to-be-found.  Chances are precious and rare.

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