Another Struggling Morning

As I wake up this morning I felt so tired. I am not a morning person. Always difficult for me to maintain a habit to get to bed early and wake up as early as a bird. I would prefer to wake up at 6am every morning to keep my mood and my day healthy.  But, life mostly not that easy. 

Like this morning. I wake up at 5am buzzed by the alarm. I forced myself to sit and feel not happy of the effort. I forced myself for a quick shower, that was also so hard to do.  I open the front and back door of the house, hope the morning breeze might bring a cheers.  Well, nothing seem to make any different.

The office where I work now support the employee with a transportation as a package of the benefit.  What I failed to negotiate at the beginning ~~I have no idea that it would be devastating~~ is that the benefit is supposedly to benefit us, not put a bigger burdern on our morning.

So, for a small van that supposedly ride 5 people, the transportation department cramped 7 people. It is difficult to be comfortably seated.  From home to office we spend more or less an hour on the road.  On Monday you spend more time of the traffic crowd. So, imagine the situation when you have to be stiff, unable to move your legs and hands for an certain hours. Yes, the employer offer a benefit, yet I think it is not a rewarding one, since we experience un-comfort each time we suppose to enjoy it.

As I stepped out of the van and walk to my office in the 3rd floor of the building, I again feel the same feeling I felt many times ago when I decided to explore my world other than being stuck in a related cubicle.  I have too many things to complain about now.

For many years of my working days, I could see from my window an outdoor air.  I surely know when it is rain, observe the birds, see the wind on the leaves which relief my spirit.  This year, I never know what happened outside.  The office is like a fortress, with no windows to see.  All I can see is the people from other department who, well, I could not say are friendly.  More to my feelings, they are unfavorable due to repeated blames they addressed to me.

What is the reliever here? Tell me.


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