A (possible) Heart Problem

Yesterday, late afternoon I received the result of the yearly Medical Check-Up. I don’t like what I read, because it shows that I might risk an arteriosklerosis. Ah, that sound extreme.  In a more acceptable words, there is a possible heart problem.

This afternoon, I went with Malou to an expert on angkle sprained ~~that was what I thought about him in the beginning~~ Malou was the one with problem.   But then, he examined me with just press my lower thumbs and said that I had these problems: heart and stomach.  I wondered how he knew it just by pressed my thumbs? But he was right about the stomach.  I had gastritis for many years, and these two years it became much and much worse.  And it appears that it had an impact to my heart. It is make sense.

Sigh. Compare to many of my close friends, I can tell that my health condition is better than average. I still have the energy to have a long hours outdoor activity, to have those unceasing 50 laps in the swimming pool, and to control my anger ~~count how many times you could raise your anger in this kind of office environment~~ 

Hey, that is one point to think about.  This is the very first time I had bad medical check-up, it might contributed by the pressure I hold in this office ~~blame it…blame it~~


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