Walk in the Mall

I many times forgot on how good the feeling when I am with friends.  Last night, I went with Anna to Grand Indonesia.  No particular purpose, just to browsed around.  We in and out some branded stores and buy nothing! I myself have no intention of buy anything, what more important for me is meeting Anna.  I and Anna has been chat around the cyber for about a year and half. She and me was subscribed to a writer-fan mailing list.  During my time in this suffering office, Anna is one of my balancing-perspective instrument 🙂

On our short walk through the big mall my mind recalled the old time, when I used to browsed around malls and stores with girlfriends.  We walked around, find a pair of shoes, a bag, a top, a dress that we like then ask our friend of their opinion.  If she said, it is not nice, I would left it.  If she said, it is, I would also left if on the second thought that I don’t actually like it.  Hours and hours until the mall close spent in that kind of journey.  If we got the item we want, we will be happy.  if we didn’t got the item we want, we will continue the journey on the other day.  I can tell that most fashion items that I had back in ten years ago are through that kind of assessment.  I never went shop myself.

And I know that is good for me.  That is kind of time when I could be free to let the real me out and to retreat my negative feelings by being jaim for a long time.  I am happy Anna suggest that Mall session ~~particularly I am happy because I don’t need to wear my mask with her, she just let me being crazy~~  I never realized that I need it.  Most of the time when I meet friends this lately, we just spend times sit in a restaurant for an hour or two.

Yes, we need to talk about our life, to let out all burden in our hearts, but I now think, YES, we also need to walk!


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