Stupid or Hypocrite?

On the same hour when she sent a warning about transporation benefit sent to all staff ~~a same rude general warning~~ she sent me ~~and some other people~~ an article that including bible quotations. 

I don’t get the idea!  Sure, I don’t expect her to be someone who read and understand the bible when I know she is the itchy bitchy person who always push her nose in any ~~even personal~~ matters around.  I know she plays some gospel song in her computer, but sure I don’t expect her to have a deeply understanding on what the lyrics of that song means when observed her attitude.  I just hardly found any of her behavior that being a real practice of the bible teaching. What is she? Just stupid one who sending out bible quotations and play religious songs but doesn’t understand any meaning of it OR a hypocrite?  I am not the one to judge indeed when I surely keep thinking of it.

Two weeks ago I watched TV news about the death sentenced Sumiarsih. (  She was interviewed a week before the execution. In that interview she say many times of God’s name and speak about God.

Twenty years ago, she was a brothel keeper. Then one day, she involved in a cold murder together with her son.  For me, her sins are beyond my limits.  A women sell woman is already out my standard, plus being a mom who not fail to taught good morality to her son, plus the murder itself.  Only a heart of God who will be able to forgive her.  Watched her speak about God makes me think.  Maybe in these twenty years she converted, being a good believer and practice it.  It is ironic and somehow looks like a hypocrite.  I am not the one to judge it of course, but surely I had a deep thinking of it.


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