Life is unfair

Yes! Who said life is fair? It is only in the fairy tale the goodheart Cinderella will meet the Prince Charming and married him for a happy everafter life.  Only in the folktale Bawang Merah Bawang Putih, that the bad people ended up being the poor and left out the community.

In real life, no matter you have generous heart or not, or sincere, not sincere, or honest, not honest, you will always have the same 50-50 chance to be the one driving jaguar or the one ride the becak! Eventually, many times I saw those people with manipulating attitude are the one who able to buy the expensive around the world tour, and those with honesty will only able to afford one day trip to the zoo. Of course, this is not a reversible logic, means that those people who only afford one day zoo trip are all honest! Haha.

My project during this summer is to update the personal card of each expat staff where I work.  When I type out the figure of each salary I started to generate as “this guy doesn’t afford this much” or “this lady is much too low-paid” by my knowledge of their social attitude.  When I came to the card of one expat person who is rude, a hypocrite who keep pointing my mistakes and a torn in my flesh ~~geeh~~ I then shook my head of disbelief on how much he is paid for doing things unperfect ~~and to blame those on me~~.  My, I know life is unfair.  Sometimes, it is hard to accept it!


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