Ice Age or New Age?

My son is on school holiday. My parents was almost never left us stay at home for the length of school vacation. Grew with that environment sure makes me feel the obligation to take my son for kind of holiday experience now.

Started with the busway — transjakarta.  Upon entering the bus, I heard the lady wears the safety officer uniform shout a dirty word to the driver. She doesn’t look happy, but her words unbelievably dirty to say in public.

I planned to take my son to some museum in central Jakarta.  Unfortunately, the museum are closed on Monday, the best day that we choose. I ask the satpam: why there is no public announcement that all Jakarta’s museum will be closed on monday? An officer, definitely not a satpam, not clear what his titled, wears a blue uniform and an arrogant style on his face, shout: “Bu, there is no money to put announcement on the TV/advertisement. It is expensive.” Ha! I certainly know what kind of person he is. The only way to eat him is to throw money to his nose. I decided not to argue with the blue uniform gentleman, but can not stand not to say: “Yes sir, I can see why Jakarta doesn’t make good progress, because they run by a people with narrow mind like you.” His face suddenly changed, but he doesn’t say anymore words. 

I decided to go to Ancol. It is been quite a time I use the public transport in this area of the city, and I think I quite forget how it is like, because then I don’t feel so comfortable with the behavior of the driver who saying out loud the name of all animal in the zoo just to anybody along the road.

When I arrived in Ancol, and head to the gate of Gelanggang Samudera ~~we would like to see the 4D movie~~ I realized that other that the price, the queue is also crazy.  Many many many people are interested to enjoy their holiday on monday!  My son and I doesn’t feel it the first time we queue for the 4D. Later, when we already inside, once the door opened, people are like crazy push my back to be in.  I sit in a seat when a woman shout at me that it was her seat.  I said: “Well, you are just stand there. If this seat is yours, you should definitely on it!” Again, for the second time of the days, I heard someone recite the names of the animals.

My son wants to see the seal shows. When we enter the area, the seats are all occupied, and eventually there is no officer to manage the people not to enter the area of no available seats. So, I stand close to the gates to take some picture of seals as well as my son, and many others people.  Then, I feel someone tapped my feet. A man shout at time, his face is rage of anger. “Sit down! I can not see the show!”  I replied, “There is no place to sit, Sir! with respect please don’t angry with me, I had nothing to do with the situation.”  He yelled again: “So sit on the floor!” What? I decided to ignored him and his words. Not only because he ordered me to sit on the dirty floor, but also because he didn’t even say the magic word of “please” or saying it nicely or even care not to say dirty words when children all around. 

Jakarta is the city of competition, even for holiday! We compete just to enjoy a show… Everybody is run, bang, push and struggle just for an entertainment.  Corrupted government officers, un-polite public transportation drivers and officers, and even the community itself forget their manners.  Where is the nice and polite Indonesian? Said that the Javanese people are the most polite and soft, I now don’t believe that, at least two people with no manner I met are Javanese from their heavy accents. 

Thought that we maybe had never left the ice age behavior or we just walk in to the new age where manners doesn’t matter.


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