I went to swim in a public swimming pool located inside a real estate.  Why I went there? To be honest, I expect a more serious people aka more polite people…  Check this scene: as I go to swimming pool for swimming ~~yeah? what else~~ I will do a routine of 40 laps to maintain my physical fitness.  Going back and forth on its length, without ceasing, in 30 minutes.  Problem is, sometimes ~~many times~~ there are annoying swimmer. 

One, some people would prefer to swim the wide of the pool.  I found that some good people will beware of the traffic, they won’t pass the lane if they think another swimmer in on their way. But the crazy one won’t be care of it. They just going here and there, backward onward without any particular purpose and splashing around.  The most crazy one, doing that on purpose, just to get a touch with a woman body.  Once in my life, I hit a person like this.

Two, some people just jump into the water without checking if any people is down. Most of these jumpers are teenagers and man ~~woman has the tendency to slowly in to the water rather than jump~~ What actually in their head?  I understand that for some people, swimming pool is a place for recreation, not for exercise. But ignore the safety is something dangerous…


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