I’ve been to a 2-days motivation training. I agree with much of the presentation given. Nothing new, same old story in new package.  I like the package, of course, while bored-to-death with the materials….that particular time is for me to connect with other people around in different set.  No authorization and limitation between us, just a freedom to laugh at anyone.

What interesting to me is the result of what called Personal Profile Analysis. They said I am a dominant worker, with characters of perfectionist, straightforward, multitasking and so on.  Okey, I have nothing against that. It is true anyway.  😀  But, they also make an additional comment that currently I am frustrated or stressed of something not related to work. Haha…this is tricky!

~~yet, when I compared my result with some close friends, they also got the same additional comments that they are frustrated or stressed ~~which might related to work~~  It might be that 50% of the member of the batch show frustration or stress~~

I understand my frustration myself.  Even if they said it is not related to work, I could tell anybody that my frustration is 100% of this office!  I will be very relieved if I don’t have to see and deal with these particular people who-always-think-they-already-perfect-but-in-fact-they-are-the-same-human-being-with-others anymore….aarrrgghhh….sigh….inhale…



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