After 18-yrs

Left: 1992. Right: 2008.

Some people said their High School period were the best ever! I might agree with that, if I did not recall the time when I had to wake up 5 in the morning, since the school started at 6 ~~imagine that~~ and pay for an extra out of school course aka bimbingan tes. :-0

Anyway, last night, I met with my classmates from High School.  Nisfie, Reni, Yeni, Endah and Darwin. I did lost contact with them since I left the school 13 years ago. Just recently, for the sake of reunion, we get in touch again.  It was like a dream to see them again, feel that they are not change ~~well, ya..a bit~~ and bring back the old times and new gossips.  Haha.


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