Now and Then

This is about time for school holiday.  When enter the gate to our school aka our office, we saw some students pulling their traveltime.

Twenty years ago, when I was in their age, I didn’t pull a traveltime.  I carried a backpack.  Each of the students now fit their ipod earphone.  Twenty years ago, I fit headphone for a walkman. 

When I rely the facts to one of my friend.  He laughed.  Said, “On my time, we carried a box for our personal things.  Backpack is luxury and there was nothing of pull-carry-luggage yet.  The different between you and these students are only the size of the walkman, but both of you carry a light things. On my days, we carry those big radio-cassette boombox-like.  Everyone could hear it, and it was heavy!”

Good laughed.  Good memory.


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