I’ve been a working woman for about 13 years.  Different offices, different field. From accounting to community development. Administration and field operation.  I realize that all of those share something similar.  They provide me with a valuable health insurance.   

For more than ten years, I used to visit those big hospitals. They keep my record, and once when I need to be admitted for a disease, the room provided for me is the VIP’s.  Though sometimes the salary offered not so rewarding compared with the work, I always enjoy a good health benefit.

I feel grateful of those years.  Particularly, when I do not enjoy such a privilege.  I am now prohibited to visit those hospitals that keep my medical records and not allowed to visit doctors that I trust.  Simply because the health benefit provided for me in this office is a second-class, that will only pay for a second-class hospitals.

I never go to any second-class hospital.  Particularly the one near my house that never keep a medical records of their patients.  I visit this hospital two times, and got a medication-complication in both.  Another second-class hospitals referred in the list located far both from my house and my office.

I surely not satisfy with the situation and with the health benefit.  Yes, this job might a permanent well-stabilize position.  Yet, I am not ready of the complications such as not satisfying health benefit, arrogants HR people and the nature of the work itself.

Any advise?


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