Very Cheap

Later on yesterday, I got visitors.  Three people, the servant that worked in my house, her sister and her father.  What makes me burned was the situation that the three of them came for resignation yet to blamed me on it.

Of our 45-minutes conversation, they blame me for charging of the damage, they blame me for not being tolerant to the mistake, they blame me for being rude though she has apologize and blame me that I never let her eat in my house.  Of course those all are cheap lies.  Particularly, she never had apologized.  Her sorry was not genuine. It was forced by my question.  Practically unacceptable.

Yet the scene made me realize more and more of how this society has much deviated. The new generation raised to be a monster.  They are not able to accept their own mistakes, not ashamed of it, and eventually think that apologize is not a best approach, but attack!  Their ego is big and high, spoiled and even nurtured by their families.  So, whenever you hear anything like the recent FPI’s attack, don’t need to wondering, think much of it yet open any discussion for a chance to fix it.

I don’t need to witness it in Monas, I have my own experience on such a people.



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