I went to the other office of this school, and use the toilet facility.  The toilet just renovated about one or two years ago.  The style is modern, with aluminium basin, lighted mirror and brown tiles.  I suddenly feel so comfortable and… envy.  Why the school doesn’t build something like this in my office.  The toilet in my office are so small, worn out and dirty.  The cleaning service doesn’t pay much attention to the corners.  More to it, there are many many times HR notice ~~who called herself Toilet Manager/TM~~ put on our emails and tick on the toilet walls to warn people of hygiene practices, makes people feel not comfortable using it.

Ssssttt… a secret.  Yet the TM shout a lot about being clean clean clean, rinse the washtafel etc etc, I found out that she is not so clean herself. Ask me!


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