So I heard from many people around me of their hassle on put their children to school.  Hold…I mean: to elementary school.  Though the new school year will start next July, parents already in hunting field from last year.

There are some schools: a government schools labeled as a model school aka percontohan, semi-government schools labeled as lab school, or a government school labeled as favourite.  They will accept up to 300 registration forms, for 20 or 40 enrolled students. 

Then, there is a selection. Which is tough.  Little children will challenged in two steps.  First, a simple yet complicated written test.  Second, an interview in English.

See how unnatural are those?  The kids are only 6 years-old. Born to Indonesian family. Why they expected to speak english that early? I know many of them might know how to say animal names in english, or to reply kind of standard questions as what-is-your-name, how-are-you, how-old-are-you, but sure they are not able to create an interactive conversation.  No wonder, most did not pass the selection, which add the hassle to their parents to put them into another selection and another selection until they get enrolled.

The facts that these children expected to be able to write and to read just before they start they elementary school already bothered me.  Easy to understand why the kind of course institution teach early children with methods of phonemic, phonetic, easy reader, kumon, mental aritmatika ~~aaahh…hundred of it~~ are booming in this city.

To me, this city deviated its idealistic ideas of proper elementary education. Elementary school will longer a place where the children learn to develop their ability to learn in pleasant way.  It will be an institution where children are push to fill their brain with knowledge and reach the highest rank for the goodwill of the school. I doubt if the children will have time to play which is a main part of their childhood years.  And school become a place of pride and prestige.

To those parents still in hunting. Good Luck!


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