She passed the envelope.  Condolence for one of the colleague. When it was handed to me, I said No.  Know that it is not a good attitude, but choose to satisfy my ego. 

I’ve been working in this office, for one and half year, for the third time in the past of 15 years. The two previous period each was no more than one year eight months. I wonder whether this time, the record will be broken, as I felt bored and unhappy with the situation.  Everyday I struggle to keep my head up.  Office-life is tough, not only for the job that is not rewarding, but to the situation of the colleagues. 

I can named many of the unfavorable behaviors. Put their work in my desks when they feel like not willing to do it, say harsh things to me, exclude me of activities, delay on taking care of my insurance and many more.  I tried hard not to take things personal. Yet, that is something difficult to do.

I notice that to show condolences, they would pass an envelopes so everybody could write a word and put some money.  So, what shocked me was, when I came back from my father-in-law funeral, I learned that nobody say their condolence, nor anybody ever care to pass the special envelopes. 

I do expect one.  Not the money.  More for acknowledgement of my existence. 


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