A Spot

This morning, I recalled my experience when I was working in community development field (http://fastmovers.blogspot.com/2007/05/feels-like-teenager.html), because I read an article about Dolly in Kompas.  Dolly is a commercial sex worker complex in Surabaya, East Java.  (http://www.kompas.com/kompascetak.php/read/xml/2008/04/20/12411038/jadi.mesin.uang.di.dolly)

I went to Dolly and see myself how money runs in the neighbourhood.  What interesting to me is, not every woman in the area is a whore, some of them are housewife with toddler or elementary-age children. These woman will write a word on their door: Rumah Tangga.  Household.

According to the article, their children grow well in kind of neighbourhood, despite of what happened surround them. Their mothers teach them about religion and send them to the religious leaders to study. My question is: are they? 

Children development theory strongly emphasized about the good environment to raise children. Children absorp what they see and imitate behaviors they observe. Many parents send their children to good school and load them with religious teaching.  They also tried hard to be a good example to their children otherwise the efforts will result to nothing. I saw many children been raised in good and happy family turn to be evil creature when they choose to influenced by the environment.  Happy home is not enough, religion is not enough, good examples is not enough and safe environment is also not enough.  Nothing could called enough when it is about children education. 

I am unable to see why those women and mothers able to claim that their children are okay.

My head return to the scenes of Dolly. You know, one of the result of those years when I had to work under the sun is a spot on my left cheek.  When I see myself in the mirror, and see the spot, I remember of those days. I might apply a concealer to hide it, yet it is there.  Same with those children in Dolly.  There must be a spot in their mind as a result of the environment they raised in. 



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