Narrow Mind

My friend shared the story of her friend ~~how complicated it is?~~ (  Her friend was banned from a particular cyber community because of her writing of what she belief after a deep study of religion.

In our language there is a wise word says: frog beneath the coconut shell.  Means: narrow minded. 

I many times wonder how in this advance world ~~I call it advance, with all technology, cyber, satellite and wide access to information~~ some people never leave their coconut shell.  Some people with university education unable to open their mind and agree to disagree.  See many lecturers that put their students in the edge not for knowledge reason, but just for a ego-power satisfaction.  They come or absent from the class arrogantly, close their communication with the student and grant any grade they like to the students.  That is a person who not able to leave his coconut shell.

And how about some other people in this country, behind the desk of religious institution or government power, make kind of rude statement toward some people beliefs, and judge everything by their own righteousness. That kind of people who not able to leave their coconut shell.

Particularly, those who banned a person because they simply not agree with a writing, is also those who still underneath a coconut shell.

I believe that all people, not matter what religion and beliefs they kept. They have the obligation to read their holy book, dig into it dilligently, search for the right of the right of the God itself.  Those who count on other people talk, learn only from what they hear, and keep the word of the religious leaders only is not to compared with the real believers.


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