Be Faithful

I still not able to put my head away of this matter ( 

More I try not think about it, more my mind exploring on the topic.  No wonder, when searching articles to put in the newsletter, I choose the topic about love-affair. My comment for her: I totally not agree with her attitude.  Put her husband low is somehow not a wise act for her.  Say, if she is smart-pretty-rich-georgeous woman with many choices, seem possible for her to ‘dump’ her husband in that way.  But, she is not.  In matter of fact, she still uptown girl with a heavy north sumatran accent.  If she divorced her husband, she might get another man, but I bet the situation will not be change. 

For me, love is when you can keep the commitment and respects. Love is to be able to make a laugh out of the daily stressfull burden at your home.  Love is when you can see only the nice things out of your man, and love is definitely when you took him as your best friend. 

Many people failed to see their spouse that way.  They see a competitor, a chef, a mother, a breadwinner, a money machine and other definitions that will easily fail. 

My advise to her: be faithful.  I already see how miserable her life is.  One of her child is away and the other keep sick time to time.  Faithfulness is not just cling with the family all the time, but it is reflected from a big heart that able to cover mistakes by love.


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