My son, Jeremi has many friends.  And many of them I don’t like.  Hahaha. Sound so familiar for a mother, doesnt it?  I challenge him one day to write down about his friends.  And this what it turn to:

I knew all the children he mentioned in his writing.  Some children are so rude. Stamp, kick and bite my precious son. And I know, that is not emotionally happened, it is a habit.  Their parents was not gave enough direction what is okey and what is not.  I happen to not go along well with their parents as well of our different view of children education. 

Some other parents let their children play outside of their home for hours, sometimes from early afternoon to evening. No afternoon naps, no practice and no study. They will only call their children when the sun down.  That’s for me is terrible.  Certainly only let my son play after he is done with his homework, his study, piano practice and several other tasks.

Yet, my son choose them as friends. Eventually he called them his true friends. No matter how much he was bitten, he still put their names as friends.

I reads many sharing of those parents that worry of how their children choose their friends, now I shared their feelings 😛


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