Keep The Distance

One of my weaknessess is I am not able to hide my feelings.  When I am happy, sure my body language, my expression tell people of that.  When I am not so happy, sure people around will sense that. It is so difficult for me to control it.

This lady is one of our church member.  At the beginning of our services, she was so nice. Even though I heard a bad news that she was having a love-affair with a person that I know well, I observed that she was actively involve with any church activities.  Attend the mid-week prayer meeting, the sunday morning bible study and even ask for an extra time for a private bible study time.  She contributes to the potluck generously, contributes to the children ministries deliberately and share with us her stories and burden. 

Yet, it was seems like a burden when you first hear it.  After many times listening to the same complaints, I realize that she was just need a bigger heart to accept her situation.  The fact that her husband is not so ‘ideal’ for her, and far from her requirements about a great man should not make her see her husband low.  Eventually, I was not agree with her way of telling as much people who wants to hear of how bad her husband is.  No wonder this lady easily fall to a love-affair.  And, after a few of thought, I decide to keep a distance from her.  I definitely not able to be a friend to a person who fail to honor her own marriage.

I am sure that my decision quickly gets to her.  As I am now not so much responding to her complaints, I also limit my communication with her.  I learned that my husband is not aware of this change.  But, I started to feel a battle when I learned that she visit my husband when I am at work!  Several times, I notice there is a particular un-common food on our table (I easily know what are my husband’s cook), when I asked, my husband told me that she brought it.  I did not make any further comment to it, yet I feel so angry.  Why in the world she decides to visit when she surely know that I am not around? Smell a rat? More…I smell a dead rat!

Keep the distance, it is!


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