An Advise?

The two local celebrities are about to divorced.  The story covered by gossip-show all over TV station.  In front of the camera they said bad things about their spouse, each blame other party and each trying hard to exposed themselves as the victim.

The husband accused that his wife had an admitted love-affair with a famous man, while she also did not obey her husband and did ignoring the three children of them.  To ‘educate’ his wife, he did insult his wife to the public, make kind rude remarks to put her low, not letting her in to their house, throw away her things to the frontyard.  With all those behavior, he claimed that he has the right to do that based on the religion he believed, and his wife behavior’s gave him a chance to a polygamy.

Of course his wife then made several defensive statements of her behavior and accused her husband of domestic violence.  Public opinion divide into two different sides.  Some disagree with the husband’s behavior, and blame him for his rude attitude toward his wife.  Some agree, of their religious beliefs that it is a right thing to do. I am not in both side, too disgust to hear the matter.

But, one day, in a conversation with a friend, he said that according to his spiritual adviser, what this celeb-husband did is right.

I surely not about to arguing about what the spiritual adviser advised him.  Yet, what I believe most in this life is: no matter what religion you keep, I believe that God never told his people to be rude to another.  God is love, and He is forgiven.  As I learn of all beliefs and religions, I know none ever taught the believer to do a bad thing.  But, how a man who claimed themselves knew about the religion and believe in God possibly said that a-rude-thing-that-a-husband-conduct-to-his-own-wife is right?

Isnt your husband and your wife is your another half?  Your eventually forever friend to share in bad times, good times, happy and sad, well and ill, rich and poor, till death do us apart? Sure they made a mistake, why can’t a love spread to cover the fault?

And if two adults can not get along anymore, why should they insult each other? Isn’t the two of them choose each other at the beginning and crazy about each other, love each other, think that no other man or woman is better…well.

Wants to know more of what I am talking about? See this link:


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