I met Pipin!

We were having good time and bad time together back to our high school years. Wake-up 4am in the morning, stand still for hours from dawn to noon while carry the 5-kg sands in our backpack, not-sleep for one night before the camp start to prepare our books and our records unified ~~Pipin’s house is the best basecamp~~…ggeeh….in many many ways, we did share our time and energy and time and energy…. 😀

I have not met Pipin since I went to university. It was 18 years ago! 

It was like a dream to see her again. Far from our hometown, in a beautiful land of Lombok. She has two sons, and supporting her husband on their tour business.  While we meet and talk, I know that most part of her naive yet intuitive personality has not change. She brings back our happy days in a sense of understanding that we are growing to a different yet the same person over these years.


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