Say it Best When Say Nothing At All


This is certainly not my best picture about the Senggigi beach…

It was sunset, in the beach. This couple was sit down and gaze to the sky. Look at nothing, but the clouds, the wave, blue water scroll to the horizon and each other, and talk seriously. I can hear their voice, though it was so clear.

What do you think they were talking about?

I have no idea. Maybe a plan for their future ~~I assume they are not married yet~~ Maybe just a light chit chat about their day. A gossip about people around them. Their feeling to each other?

I wonder if  they were really ‘talk’.  A communication form that not only to exhange the words, but also involve ideas, love, care and deep thought ~~something that I fail to maintain to people around me, lately~~

If I happened to sit down at the beach with someone I love. I certainly will not talk!


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