They Also Experience

I shared the story of the ignoring neighbour to some friends. 

Two of them share similar stories.

Ria, was suffer a big loss while her neighbour constructed their house.  One very ignorant worker was taking big woods for construct the roof.  On the lifting session, the end of the woods touch the roof-tile of Ria’s house.  Not just touch, it moves many of the roof tile from its right position.  The worker did not care to fix it.  They just ignore it, and then, when raining come, Ria’s house filled with water as if they had no roof.  She suffered a big loss of broken furnitures and for energy and hours she had to spend to clean up.

My auntie’s car was park in the parkway when the neighbours worker plays with cements. Some ~~and a lot~~ of its remains felt to her car.  She tried to clean it up, but then the cement stick to the car, and no way to eliminate it without break the paint.

Well, from now on, just be careful if your neighbour happen to have a construction works, and if they are kind of these ignoring people!


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