He is Not a Friend

The neighbour house are fix. Though the bing-bang sound could be heard even in the middle of the night, I was not care.  Hiras was started to feel uneasy when seeing a lot of cement and stones were in our parkway.  He advised the worker to put something, to avoid damage to our car. 

The worker promised him that they will clean up every day, including to our parkway. When arrived home at evening, Hiras observed that they did not clean up yet.  Then, something happen during the windy night.

Apparently they cover the roof just by put down some roof tile on a sheet. When wind blow the sheet, all of the roof tile fall together.  Fall directly to our parkway, and to our car. When I saw it in the morning, I felt so angry, and become more angry as we take care of matter further, of many reasons.

First, the worker had been warned for the  possibility.  But, they were ignoring the warning, and now we have to suffer a car damage.

Second, the house was rented by a person who working in the same office as me. I contact him for a follow up. Yet, what makes me more angry ~~to him and to the situation~~ he just wash his hand on the situation.  He kept saying that I had to claim to the worker.  He kept saying that he did not have any contact number of the house’s owner.  And he kept saying that he has nothing to do with the house.

While in fact, the owner of the house is his friend.  Quite unlikely for friends not to keep each other contact number.  In fact, all money that needed in the house construction was flow through his bank account, and in fact, the workers is staying in his house during the period.

He is not a friend, for sure!

Third, I heard that the worker and the “same office friend” complaint about the price of the repair shop Hiras choose are too pricey, since the repair shop was a called an official repair shop ~~we say it: bengkel resmi~~.  They prefer us to fix our car in some ketok magic repair.

Fourth, they asked us to pay half of what they had to pay for fix the car.


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