Care and Pass

My father in-law admitted to the hospital on Tuesday.  Yet, he did not get any full examination until the Saturday.  While he had the chest x-ray on Saturday, the result would only be published on the next Monday.  The result came out at 10 am, and my father in-law passed away on 2pm.

I blamed the slow-service of the hospital.  Since my father admitted, whenever we called, my mother in-law reported there was no doctor around, no nurses around.  They were left puzzled time to time.  They didnt know what to do, what kind of diseases he had, what better or best treatment and so and so. 

I wonder how this RSU works. While visited the town of Pematang Siantar, each time I passed the hospital, I feel angry and sad.  How come in this advance technology world, they worked slow and careless?  Do the doctors already forget their socrates vow?  Some friends that visited us after the funeral give a worse feedback.  To their experience, if talking about this hospital, they knew, the number of getting better were much lesser that the number of the passed.

If only they care…


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