Who is abandon who?

The wife talked to many of our church member.  She is dissapointed by her husband’s effort to their life.  Among phrases that we used to hear are: my husband is lazy, my husband has no spirit to support the family, my husband doesn’t care about me, my husband lie about his income, my husband use his money for gambling and drink, my husband never give us money.

The husband never complaint, nor speak negatively of his wife.  But, we could see what in his heart by the expression on his face.  He looks idle and not happy.  He moves slowly and not speak much.  He must heard that his wife talked around about his failure.  Few years ago, he also found out that his wife playing around with another man.

Did the pastor tried to have them talk? Indeed. ~~In matter of fact, he just did it on 3am after a death or life sms beep on his phone~~  When two people together in a home, they should respect, accept and trust each other.  If those were lost, what more could you have?


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