Released Wife

The infotaiment carry the topic of a re-marry-husbands among those local celebrities in Indonesia.  Pictures of three men showed on the TV.  They claimed that they were not happy in their precious marriage. 

Koes Hendratmo (  divorced his wife after 30 years of marriage.   None of his reason for the separation were make sense. So, public just called him crazy, blinded by the flirtatious woman.  His second wedding was exposed widely by all TV station.  I myself got disgust on seeing how he was intentively show his passion to his new bride by kissing and carress her openly.  Yukks.  

Eep Saefulloh Patah (  , the politics observer, divorced his wife after 13 years of marriage.  Same reason as Koes’s fed to public.  He was not happy in his marriage.  Public blamed things on his new-bride, Sandrina.  Gossips said, that they seen each other, while Eep still in a happy-marriage. I don’t know whether that is true, but seeing another abandoned wife is misery. 

Bambang Trihatmodjo ( ), divorced Halimah after a long-year of marriage ~~or also after a long years of love-affairs~~ Public knew that Bambang dated Mayang the singer since about six or seven years ago.  As time go by, their relationship exposed more and more to public, and on the top of it, two years ago, Mayang delivered a baby girl out of the relationship ~~whether they got married is a big question~~  I overheard people gossip about Mayang sometimes.  I can tell you that she never got a positive response of her role.

Why these men left their wives? Is their reason of un-happy marriage is right? Or, they are just being crazy and blinded of the young looks of their new-bride.  Do they really think that left behind the many years of togetherness and start a new one will makes them happier?

The wives mostly not willingly to be divorced.  But, they was not try much to keep their husband.  Those three wives just say: if the man doesnt love them anymore, there is no reason to keep him.  It will only hurt them.  True, anyway. 

Nursyahbani, a women activist, say out loud of her opinion of Indonesian law. The law giving a freedom to man to divorce or re-marry for simple reasons: not happy with their marriage, not happy with their wife’s sex performance, or not having children.

Sure, this high-techology world already know that infertility not always happened to woman, right? Why the law has not been change?

And say about un-happiness in the home.  To my observation, many man are the nasty in the marriage. While the wife is the one that taking care of home, her husband, her children, risk for pregnancy and labor, risk for birth control, many times working out the home while also doing domestic duties, support the family financial, have problem with in-laws and at the end she would also be blamed for his husband’s unhappiness? What about the wife’s happiness? No law protect it.

Nursyahbani encouraged every wife that beeing left by their husband that fall-in to a fresh-body, to think carefully of their future.  Be sure, that they are not responsible for his husband happiness and be sure, that there is actually nothing to be blamed upon them.  Other than being a left-wife they are being a released-wife.

How about the idea to give their husband hard-time? 😀


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