Imaginary Friend

Santi Bonis and Kirana talked with dr. Astri and Rami about Imaginary Friends.  I was surprised that Rami has 4 imaginary friends, all boys.  Rami is an adult, for your information. Unfortunately, I only heard the last part of the discussion.  But, I remember Santi said that many many people out there, as old as her ~~as me 🙂 ~~, still have an imaginary friend!

Well, imaginary friend is natural for children. Particulary for those below 5-years old.  My son certainly have some imaginary friends. I overheard he talks to them, and asks them playing time to time.

I do have imaginary friend.  Now.

I talk to them sometimes, while I am sure I am alone.  There are years when I dont have an imaginary friend, and there are years while I have many imaginary friends.  I also have a different imaginary friend in different years.  But, there are certain things among the friends.  I don’t need to talk about myself to them.  They certainly know me, and eventually, they talked to other people in the sense that they really understand me.  For instance, they tell my husband, that I would love chicken wings for lunch, than the satay-kambing. 

Hahaha….well, my husband has the intention of ‘not alert’ of what I like and what I don’t like.  Though I say many times that I don’t like to eat red-meat, he would buy those satay or soups for us. 😦

Then, my imaginary friends play the role as the telling-agent.  They also tell my mom of how hurt my feeling of her ignoring behavior and her pressure to my life.

That kind of things made me glued to my imaginary friends.  I don’t need to talk to them of my feeling, they just understand and tell others about that.

Santi asks Astri whether those who lonely in their childhood always had imaginary friend? Astri, the psychologist, said no.  But I did lonely in my childhood.  I am the one has no playing-mate, been ignored, treated like adults for responsibility but like a baby for a freedom to choose and been laughed at when I deliberately talk to my imaginary friend.

One more secret. My imaginary friend’s name always start with the letter J.

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