Precious Gift

The lady handed a small white envelope to Hiras.  My heart was beating faster.  I don’t like what I see. I know it must contains money.  When Hiras told me the amount, I do felt uneasy.  I understand the lady’s feeling, and could accept it well.  But, still something inside my head pounding.

For these seven years I serve as a pastor-wife, I am very very sensitive about get gift in form of money.  As much as I am being sensitive about debt.

I was grown up with these phrases ~~overheard from church member conversation~~:

– the pastor is material man, always ask for money when doing home-visit, and

– we gave a lot of money to the pastor, he has to follow our instruction!

I don’t want any of church member I serve ever think that the pastor is a material man. I do carefully see and follow Hiras preaching to be able to find anything may be misunderstand as a tendency to be material.  I also enjoy our freedom of beeing non-party.  Nobody would ever force us to follow his/her instruction in the church as a reward for being so generous to us. 

I want to stay that way, everytime and forever.

Should anyone desired to show their appreciation to us, I wish ~~preferly~~ to be given something very simple.  A nice word or a thank you.  That is means more than money to me.  Really.  For these seven years, I heard more of complain and critiques than nice words. 

Anyway, thank you for the precious gift.


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