Abandoned Wife

The woman at the end of the line sobbed, while telling the listener of her story.  A married woman with children.  She felt tired of life.  She said, at the beginning of the marriage, her dream was to be the queen of the home.  To stay home, take care and love the husband and children.  Dream were dream.  As the time going, for financial reason, she has to work.  She then realize that her husband doesn’t really care of the financial burden.  Her salary was the main  support to the family, as it is rise and rise above her husband’s. 

Once, she laid off as the company broke. Other than support she has to accepted in that difficult situation, her husband blamed her for taking the children for immunization, which is actually a priority for child’s health.

She also been hurt by the in-law, who speak to her as if she is not a good wife to the husband everytime.

She is tired.

We ~~women who were listening~~ can understand why.

I heard a similar stories from time to time from many women around.  No matter how beautiful, how pretty, how sexy or even how rich the woman is, they emotionally left alone in their efforts to maintain a happy family and in their efforts to have a contented and educated children.

Is it so difficult for men to care?


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