Abandoned Lover

My friend knocks the table. “Amit-amit, amit-amit” while I am laughing.  Both of our mothers are single.  Our dad passed away few years ago. 

Then, a man dated ~~my language!~~ her mom.  Which is good, don’t you think?  A prospect of re-marry, have someone to love and share while they are getting old sounds very good.

Hold a while! The man has wife.  He said ~~mom said that he said~~ that he is about to divorce.  He is no longer love his wife.  There are also some additional problems, different religion and different ethnic group, makes the husband-wife no longer able to maintain their marriage.  He said ~~mom said that he said~~ they are separating.

So I laugh. For a logical person like me, the situation is:

– He may said they are separating.  Old tale. Who knows the truth? I heard a repeated stories time to time that man were saying he is separating to their lovers.  At the end, the never ~~never even plan~~ to left their wife.  They only want an interlude.  After all, the lover will left.

– He may said they are having problems of their differences.  Another excuses.  This kind of man may also said that their wifes are nagging, gaining weight, don’t care of their looks, silly, possessive or many many excuses.  At the end, the truth is, if he could say something so bad about his current spouse, he also could say something bad about their lovers while they got caught.

My friends knock the wood.  With the breaking-news that her mom broke with that cheating-man. She is not willing to be the number two, or a the second best.  She wants to be the queen. That is good.  


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