Last night we were having a mid-week prayer.  Hiras ~~as usual~~ preached. He was talking about some names written by Paul at the end of the book of Rome, as an acknowledgment of their effort and contribution.

Hiras said, as a human, we are happy if our work or life is acknowledged by others. ~~particularly in writing~~  He admitted that he did browsed himself through the google, and found no one ever write anything about  him ~~in any terms, not only acknowledgement~~.

Well, I would like to write about Hiras.  Next time he browsed himself, hopefully he’ll find this entry.  This is also my birthday gift for him.

Hiras was not an attractive man, first time I saw him. Then,  I certainly know where he come from, just by the look and the way he spoke.  😛  He was ackward and nervous.  I also see a nature of inferiority though he tried hard to hide it.

As I know him better, I know that he is smart.  He loves knowledge and he has a good life-standard.  I admire his knowledge in bible and its related theological aspects.  I knew he dig more, he cares about the contents of preaching, and willing to learn more and more.  He brought many new things to me and to the congregation and carries a broaden lines to our insights. 

I know he has a good-life standard.  He loves his family,  his congregation, his friends and neighbours.  He is easy-going, easy-adjust and cooperative.He was not a member of over-chatty-but-coward legion ~~sorry if this sound rude, I really hate those kind of man~~ He certainly was not silly, not creepy, not greedy, and certainly not insane!  Those qualities made me easy to trust him, though later on I learned that he is also not practical, not organized and not romantic.. 😀  ~~sigh~~

Hiras is easy to love. I have been together with him for eight years.  Though there are many things that we still need to sort out in our relationship, I knew I could love and trust him many years more.

I still remember something he told me at our early conversation, eight years ago.  He said, “Sure you need to speak about anything, just tell me. Sure I will listen to you.”  I do hope he still remember that, and still willing to extend it.  🙂

Happy Birthday!


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