If I Can

If I can change things in my life, I certainly will:

1.  Change my character.  Being a complicated person is tiring for me.  Instead of being a melancholic like I am, I do prefer to be a phlegmatic.  Many times when I can not control my moods, being angry when I know I should not or being sad when I know I could be happy, I want to knock my own head. I prefer to suffer amnesia in that case.

2. Ask for less talents. My talents brought me to places I was not imagine, that is true.  My talents took me to  un-hassle work-finding, that is true.  My talents brought the world and exposed me to the world, that is true.  All was rewarding.  Yet, I prefer just to have one or two, that is really necessary. 

I am a pastor-wife.  Although I am the one who play the piano in the church, sing the special song, play the violin, arrange the children class, creatively think and organize fund raising, support the youth, teach the children, teach the youth, be anywhere and anytime the church member wants me to be, I still had million critics.  They want me to be S*m*i*l*e*y! And that is all necessary.  No matter how much money, talents and energy I spend for the church.

Certainly I would not able to change those things…


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